40 Turning 20: Thanks To Cosmetic Injections And Botox

The urge to look younger, has given birth to a whole new “cosmetic” world. Women today do not mind trying out new things that would make their beauty eternal. From Botox to various other cosmetic surgeries, there are hosts of options women can choose from. In fact, not just women, but even men are trying their hands in all of this now!

botoxThe popular Botox is a purified protein derived from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum, which causes the muscles to relax and not contract, thereby making the skin smoother with fewer lines and lesser wrinkles. This method has been used for over twelve years now and has found itself acceptance and a place in the society.

It is quick and comparatively economical. It not only tightens the loose skin, but also reduces the visible signs of aging. It is injected either into the spasm muscle of the eyelid such as tics or in the lips and upper lips. Added benefits of Botox is that there are no ill effects of the same, though there have been a few cases of Botox gone wrong! Click here for amazing cosmetic services.

If Botox is the elder one, it has a lot of siblings! One of the most sought after one is Angelina’s pout, or lip augmentation. It adds an extra oomph to your personality and elevates your sex appeal. After all, who doesn’t want a herd of men running behind them?? Women undoubtedly have gone crazy behind this! It is not my opinion, but is what the stats speak. There has been a 49 % rise from 2010 to 2011 in the number of women opting for a pout!

Lip augmentation is of two types. One is permanent whereas the other one is temporary. On one hand, where the permanent surgery would cost you a haven, the temporary surgery on the other hand will not make a hole in your pocket and would last for a few hours!

Another option that has taken women by storm is laser skin resurfacing and cosmetic injections! Laser skin resurfacing is the science of removing the skin layer by layer with precision. This process removes the sun tanned, wrinkled and damaged skin. The new skin cells that form during the healing process give the skin a tighter and a younger looking surface.

Treating the whole face may take up to 2 hours whereas getting a few parts corrected does not take more than 30-40 minutes! It is always advisable to ask the doctor or surgeon, whether or not you really need the above treatments. Do not get it done just because a friend of yours also got the same thing done! Get more information about face cosmetic services at The Taylor Clinic.

But before you decide to go under the knife, it is important to research who the best doctors in town are, who specialize in these treatments are. Because there have been cases of amateurs carrying out lip augmentation and cosmetic surgeries with fake degrees and certificates, it will not only cause you financial loss, but will leave you with scars and severe side effects that you may or may not be able to correct in future.