Beauty Tips For Those Chilly Months

beauty tipsAre the grey winter mornings leaving you feel drab? As well as saying bye bye to that healthy tan, the colder months can really take a toll on our bodies. From dry skin to frizzy hair there are plenty of things we need to accommodate for in a beauty regime. Here are some quick tips to get you feeling fabulous in the chilly months.


A lot of us may be fooled into thinking that because winter means heaps of rain and damp air that the skin would actually be better off than it is in summer. While you might not be getting as much rays on your trips outside, dry skin is a common problem in winter. This is especially the case for those who often use heaters in the home and work place.

For that reason, it is important that you adopt a regular moisturising routine. Moisturising both morning and night is best, if you find that makes your skin too oily try applying it at night just before you go to bed. This means you won’t be washing your hands and damaging all of your hard work. It’s also a good idea to purchase a lip balm, cracked lips can not only look unappealing but can get quite sore if left over time. Don’t make the mistake of licking your lips constantly in hopes of giving them extra moisture; it actually has the opposite effect.


Dry and frizzy hair is winter’s unwanted visitors that stay past their welcome. If you are trying to wage a war against damaged hair you need to be equipped with the best weapons. Make it a habit of doing a full hair treatment once a month. This doesn’t have to expensive as there are really great ones in supermarkets that are affordable. You can also go DIY and make one at home! Avocado is a great way to hydrate and tame unruly hair.


One of the biggest complaints come winter is dull and pale skin. Give yourself a pick me up by purchasing a tanning moisturiser. Not only will this help you keep your skin smooth and hydrated, it will eventually lead to a healthy glow. Best of all, because this is gradual, you can stop when you are happy with the colour and won’t get the nasty surprise of looking like a Cheeto.

If you don’t want to use tanning creams, moisturisers or sprays, you can purchase a bronzer, tinted moisturiser or foundation. There are plenty of products that look natural in shops that are suitable for any budget. Just be careful not to go overboard and make sure you aren’t left with those unsightly makeup lines around your jaw.

Winter is the opportune time to experiment with colour. Move away from greys and blacks that only leaving you looking and feeling more rundown and bring in a pop of colour. Pick a lipstick that looks great for your complexion or simply add a coloured eye shadow to your peepers. Plum, berry and copper hues seem to be big right now but be as daring as you like.

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