Thinking About Relationship Counselling?

When compared to other states, Victoria sits somewhere in the middle when it comes to divorce rates at somewhere between 1.9 divorces per 1000 people and 4.2 divorces per 1000 people according to the Australian Beureau of Statistics. Divorces not only harm the couple involved but also those around them. Mutual friends and work colleagues will feel the effects of someone going through a messy divorce but perhaps the worst affected are any children in the relationship. While some marriages are irretrievable a lot of couples choose to seek marriage counselling in Melbourne. The idea being that through proffessional relationship counselling a couple can repair their relationship and once again live within a caring, loving and supportive environment.

Does Relationship Counselling Work?

It is estimated that around 30% of people undertaking marriage counselling no longer want to be a part of that marriage, this makes the task of the therapist very challenging. Ultimately, repairing a relationship comes down to creating an open flow of communication. Counselling works best when a couple contains one or both partners who are struggling to communicate with the other, either because they don’t know how or they don’t want to. As with all types of counselling there are good therapists and bad therapists so choosing one with experience in dealing with your type of issues is vital. Melbourne is a bustling city with millions of people living a fast-paced lifestyle and carrying out their day to day activities under a lot of stress. Marriage counselling in Brisbane is among the most successful practices in the world and given the high losses at stake it is definitely worth considering if there are problems within a marriage.

Sometimes Divorce is the Only Answer

Even after undertaking relationship counselling and trying their best to resolve underlying problems, sometimes a couple just can’t work things out. A toxic relationship can be far more damaging that a divorce and so sometimes a divorce is the best thing for all involved. The most important thing to consider when going through a separation or divorce is the welfare of any children involved. The proceedings that happen now could stick with children for the rest of their adult life. It may be worth considering booking a child in with a child psychologist. They will help with any confusion or blame that the children might be experiencing and provide someone to talk to when both parents are busy and under the pressure that can come with a divorce.

Ask for Help

The important thing for anyone involved in the breakdown of a relationship is to ask for help. This doesn’t have to mean professional¬†depression psychologist in Sydney It can be as simple as going for a coffee with a friend who has been through similar experiences. You will find them to be very sympathetic as they know just how tough it can be. Above all else you need to know you are not alone.